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WARNING: Don't attend another Internet Marketing seminar , or attempt to start any Internet business,
before you READ THIS : from the
#1 Internet Marketing Coach (as ranked in search engines), Fione Tan

So why do 90% of Internet businesses fail?
It’s not because they didn’t have enough capital. It’s because they don’t really know what they were doing with the money they had. They had no proven system of success. They spent all their time and money testing, making mistakes and learning on their own. When they figured out what was not working, it was too late!

Warning: Most Internet entrepreneurs fail because they listen to the wrong people! For example, self-proclaimed Internet marketers who are good at only selling ebooks.

What if you can now easily avoid the same mistakes and master the proven system of Internet success in just 2 days instead of years?

This is exactly the result of what you’ll get from the Program, by listening to eCommerce practitioners, not textbook gurus. By the end of the Program, you are expected to have a new mindset, new Internet marketing strategies, methods, tools, and tactics to start and grow your Internet business, to provide you with multiple income streams that you never thought are possible.

The Benefits of the Program

practical internet marketing coaching online

Hands-on workshop training with PC and broadband Internet connection
The bolts and nuts of the complete A to Z system for Internet success
How to start a perfect Internet business in weeks and raise US$26,000 capital from thin air
Find or create a hot product / service that captures a hungry online market before the end of the training

How to create and sell digital products with the most cost effective software and the step-by-step selling process

The step-by step process to get your website top 10 rankings in Yahoo! and Google, absolutely FREE
How to build and maintain an opt-in email list from scratch in record time
Explode your sales and leads by integrate email marketing and viral marketing
Recruit a virtual sales force who work for you on commission basis only with innovative affiliate marketing
Copywriting, sales psychology and targeted traffic conversion to dramatically increase the conversion rate of visitors into buyers
Online tools and system for tracking, management and marketing to help streamline Internet business and turn it on auto-pilot
Find joint-venture partners and form mastermind group with like-minded netpreneurs


What’s New and Never Been Taught Before in ANY Seminar Format!

Secrets to dominating search engines and directories in particular in view of the recent changes in the rules
Important: If you are to engage us or some other search engines experts to do search engines optimization for your sites, you can expect to pay $500 to $5,000, plus $200 to $2,000 per month, depending on how competitive your keywords or search terms are.

If you are able to master the skills we share generously in this coaching, you will be ahead of 97% of your International competitors in terms of rankings in search engines and this skill alone is worth 100 times of your investment of this Internet coaching program!
As the Internet is changing rapidly every day, we constantly discover the newest techniques, formulas and opportunities faster than anyone else. What’s totally new that we will be sharing include:
A brand new tactic that will help you test your business ideas in just days and discover which one will make you most money
The latest tools and systems to automate 90% of your Internet business
Set up your own affiliate program for under $100 (instead of paying the normal rate of $800 to $1,000) and SAVE 90%!
Secrets to dominating search engines and directories in particular in view of the recent changes in the rules
The newest email list building tactics which will get up to 15% of the visitors to your website give you their email addresses and increase your opt-in email list by up to 350% in 4 weeks

How Is This Program Different?
Other Seminars
This Program
Get motivated and forgot 90% in weeks + Hard to apply on your own
Hands-on training, broadband Internet access + Coaching to success
Don’t know where and how to start after seminar Come out of the seminar creating
or finding a product to sell + develop an action plan, to be implemented with coaching
Give you bits and pieces of how-to
The complete A to Z system to guide you what to do & NOT to do to run a successful online business
Internet guru’s expertise limited to selling Internet marketing info eCommerce practitioner with diversified making money experience in selling products and services in different e-Commerce biz and consult MNCs & SMIs

Most importantly, we ensure that you will start making money online by following our 2 month structured private online coaching PLUS iron-clad support with office premises, web designers, programmers, e-Commerce payment and website training facilities to hold you by the hand during the Internet business building journey.

WARNING: Don’t attend another seminar until you’ve attended this one!

A seminar will normally get you motivated for some time but after one or two weeks, you would have forgotten 90% of what you’ve learned. 85% of the participants will not take any action after the seminar. For the 15% who take any action, 95% of them would have given up after trying once or twice without success. Attending seminar is waste of time and money without taking proper action.

With our experience of organising and speaking in over 100 seminars in the last 3 years, we understand that the best way to solve this problem is to have a qualified coach to follow up with the participants and guide them to implement what they’ve learned. That’s why we have introduced probably the world’s first Internet Success Coaching™ Program which, integrates seminar with coaching.

What Is This Coaching All About?

The coaching will immediately follow the 2 full days Internet Success Training and will cover:
Small group of coaching students per batch to ensure personal attention can be given to the students (no more than 40 people per class)
Personalized online coaching support via eOneNet's exclusive online system, complete with private / personal 1 to 1 online coaching, online Q & A system, online assignment submission.
Unlimited regional support with eOneNet team of coaches, web designers and programmers in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore for 2 months to ensure that you can kick-start your Internet business, find products to sell, complete your site, get top rankings in search engines and start receiving sales before completion of 2 months.

What You’ll Benefit From This Coaching?
Our coaches and I will follow through and help you implement what you’ve learned in the Training
To have your websites, advertising copy, marketing plan, new ideas to be reviewed by us with the objective of increasing your sales
To address your concerns and challenges during the process of implementation and help you come up with solutions
To hold you accountable for the implementation of your ideas and plan
To continuously educate and update you with new online marketing techniques, strategies and tools
To mastermind with and learn from other participants as well

The Super Value of This Internet Marketing Coaching Course, or more accurately Real Internet Business Kick-start Coaching

Get 2 Days Intensive Hands-on One Person One Computer with Wireless Broadband Internet Training + 2 months online Group Coaching

One Lump Sum Discounted Payment: US$4,888

What is the catch?
My personal consultancy rate is US$5000 per hour. The reason participants of this Program can enjoy such a good rate is because I am not consulting with the participants one-on-one, but with groups of 10 to 30 people, and I want to make it more affordable to allow the average participants to join - so that more success stories will be created!
This offer is, however, made under 3 conditions:
#1: You MUST participate in the Group Coaching and implement what you have learned to your Internet business with our directions.
#2: You consent to giving us testimonial for your success story as a result of participating in this Program, which may be used by us.
#3: You consent to abide by the ground rules of this seminar, including:
a) You must sign a Non-disclosure Agreement to undertake that you will not teach or share the materials or knowledge you’ve gained in this Program (except that you are free to use it in your own business or in others’ business).
b) No recording in any format is allowed.

What if you would make just an extra $3,000 per month?

Let’s walk through the financial justification of this opportunity. Now imagine that within 3 months of this Program, you are able to gain and implement ideas, information, tactics and methods to start and grow your Internet business, which would add a modest $3,000 per month or $36,000 per year. (We do not make exaggerated claims of helping you making millions of dollars in one year but an additional income of $3,000 per month is fairly achievable.)

Over the next 10 years, this adds up to $360,000 even without the business growth factor.

What stops you from applying the same success system and starting a profitable Internet business every year?

Our online sales has been growing at a compound rate of 100% per year and exceeded One Million in 2004!

In fact, applying this success system ourselves, we are rolling out a few internet projects which are creating multiple sources of income for us each and every month. Our online sales have been growing at an exponential rate of 100% since we first started 5 years ago, and exceeded One Million (Malaysia Ringgit) in 2004. We project our online sales to grow another 100% and will reach Two Million in 2005.

As a non-technical person who didn't know anything about the computer 5 years ago and started off with no capital, till now I self-own my office and one of the largest private computer lab in South East Asia, plus a few other properties and with internet marketing offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and China, these would not have been possible without the Internet.

If I can do it, you can do it too!

What if you can come up with a million dollar Internet idea?
Would that be worth it to you to invest such a small sum in yourself and your Internet business, NOW?

What it I don't have any products to sell online now?

We’ll take care of that for you! The first session in the Program will be to guide you to find or create hot-selling products that with a hungry online market .

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Now
How else can you start an Internet business immediately, and earn $360,000, more or less without gambling thousand of dollars and wasting months or years of trial and error, struggling and hoping to test out which strategies can really make you money?
If you don’t make the decision to register now with this SUPER VALUE OFFER, do you want to wait for another month or year, like what you have procrastinated before? Chances are that you WON’T get any offer with value and guarantee close to this kind.

10% of the people are making 90% of the money on the Internet
. If you want to join the top 10%, this Program is exactly what you need. REGISTER NOW!

Don’t spend another dollar buying another ebook but making little or no money like most other mediocre Internet marketers.
Don’t waste another minute wondering if you can make money online. We are making real money online already. Many others are doing the same under our coaching. Why not you? If you are a true entrepreneur, make it happen, right now! REGISTER NOW!

Is there a guarantee for success?

If you are willing to commit the time and effort to learn and apply the system to be revealed in the Program, your success is virtually guaranteed. It won’t take years. It doesn’t even have to take months. Literally weeks from now, you can start creating a business which will be perpetually generating revenue, cash flow and profits, on auto pilot…..Where you run the business instead of the business running you….Where you don’t just compete in your market, but YOU DOMINATE IT!

The bottom line is ....
(But can you afford NOT to?)

This is perhaps the best decision you are going to make which will secure the freedom of your lifestyle. You will be able to do whatever you want to do. You will have a choice NOT to do whatever you don’t want to do! REGISTER NOW!

If you are not ready to register now, click here

internet marketing coach - fione tan
Fione Tan
President & CEO

P.S. When you register now, you will get (a) 2 months personalized online one-to-one coaching; (b) two days Internet Success System Training, for the cost of a small advertisement in the newspaper for one day.
(You may check around, the minimum charge for just a 20 pages website by a reputable web company is $600 to $800.
If you can get a better value package elsewhere, we will gladly refund you 200% of the difference)

P.P.S. You can be one of our Internet Millionaire students who are now earning a comfortable income on the Internet, just like these successful money making internet entrepreneurs.

To help participants finance this Program or earn back 100% or MORE of the investment of the Program even before attending it, we offer a ready-to-start Affiliate Program for participants right after they sign up, (details to be revealed after registration). REGISTER NOW!

P.P.P.P.S. Want to find out how this Program has benefited other participants, even those who are Internet savvy or have been making money on the Internet, click here

If you still have any questions, call e1Net at (6012) 232 8878 / (603) 2284 6418 (Malaysia), (852) 2591 9168 (Hong Kong) or contact us here

If you are unable to attend the face-to-face training, grab the chance to learn the success system of making money online at the comfort of your home, from the world's top Internet Marketing Coach, by grabbing the Internet Success Coaching™ Platinum Pack!

Ranked #1 Internet Marketing DVD in Google




1.  Internet Success Coaching Live DVDs
2.  SEO friendly DIY Mega Web Site Builder 
3.  2 months Online Internet Marketing Coaching

Click here to grab this Platinum pack!

Yes! I want to get started making money on the Internet NOW,
even with a shoe-string budget and without any products.
Breaking News

Best Internet marketing video course

Worldwide Launch of Internet Marketing DVD Course in Kuala Lumpur
Grab the chance to learn the success system of making money online at the comfort of your home, from the world's top Internet Marketing Coach!

CLICK HERE Launches Malaysia’s First Internet Marketing VCD
Bernama, Aug 26, 2003

eOneNet Reveals Internet Making Money Formula In One Day Workshop
Bernama, Aug 12, 2003 launches Internet Marketing Coaching to help entrepreneurs,
Mar 07, 2003's seminar gets top billing from search engines
Business Times, Feb 12, 2003
Yahoo's Top Seller Award
"I made over HK$20,000 in less than 3 months, quit my job and turned full time selling online! I even won Yahoo's Top Seller Award in Hong Kong."

Ryan Li
Recruit Foreign Students
"4 months after attending the eOneNet's Internet Success Coaching program, I completed my website, and got top rankings in leading search engines. Within a week I received enquiries from as far as Netherlands and Australia. Now I am on the road of negotiating proposals worth US$800 a month per trainee and my investment is almost covered with the first month fee !"

Rajani K

Launched Company Website
web design company

“ I have tried setting up a company website for a last 3 years. First, we hired a web-design company but the delay made us give up. Then the “ fear of unknown" technical problems caused further waiting. Within this coaching weekend, I realised we can have a website up and running by next weekend as I already have all the contents ready and of course eOneNet’s technical back up.”
Chan Seong Aun
Capture Target Market
“I have an existing website that has failed to draw enough traffic or customers for the last 2 years. After attending the Internet Success Coaching™ Program 2003, I have gained the knowledge, ability and power to improve my website to its highest potential and to capture the right target market!
I highly recommend this coaching program to anyone who intend to start their own website or whose website is not doing well. This seminar is packed with real powerful knowledge that will work and it is soooo easy to follow! Do sign up today!!”
Elaine Quah
(Business Executive)
#1 Reason of Internet Failure
“They don’t know what they are doing does not work before they even started.”
Fione Tan, President & CEO of, the leading e-Marketing Coach
#1 Way of Internet Success
“To model those people who are successful.”
Anthony Robbins, the World’s #1 Success Coach 
7 Steps System To Internet Success
Step #1:
Find or create a product that can sell online.

Step #2:
Grab a domain Name for marketing and branding

Step #3:
Develop a simple but professional website

Step #4:
Create the unique selling proposition (USP) for your products / services

Step #5:
Create compelling copywriting for your website

Step #6:
Get massive traffic for your website

Step #7:
Convert the hits into sales and measure

Media Coverage of
internet marketing coach - cnbc asia
Interview of Fione Tan, President & CEO of by CNBC "Working Women Asia".
eOneNet in TV2 Program
internet marketing speaker - world economic forum
More Women Online in Asia. Fione Tan, President & CEO of in East Asia Economic Forum.
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Beauty and Bytes - Miss Internet Savvy - Miss -to spread awareness.
Computimes 30.9.2002
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The New Frontier Women Full Page Cover Story of Fione Tan.
New Straits Times 23.8.2002
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Fione Tan - Winner of "Tribute to True Beauty" from cosmetics brand Shiseido and Clove.
The Star 18.4.2002
web site creator - web site building workshop
DIY Approach to Web Design,
Jaring Internet Magazine Feb 2002
Why attend our Internet Marketing program?

- eOneNet operates from its self-owned grade A office at one of Malaysia's brand new grade A building - Menara UOA Bangsar, Level 36 (plus more properties purchased using online income)

- One of the largest privately owned computer lab in South East Asia (brand new computers all equipped with wireless broadband)

- Employs full time in-house team of web designers, and programmers to support our clients (not work from home, individuals)

- Has proven results selling physical products, and digital services, with clients ranging from home-based entrepreneurs, manufacturers, up to large multinational clients (diverse internet marketing experience)

- Owns a e-Commerce Merchant Account from a leading bank (not renting 3rd party online merchant)

- Actual experience of selling on the Internet, with proven success stories (not theoretical / book learning)

You deserve to experience making money online, and eOneNet, your BEST INTERNET MARKETING COACH, can provide you proven strategies, and coach you towards achieving your internet goals!

Yes, I want to make $$$ online!

Our Internet Marketing Coach has guided business owners & entrepreneurs from all around the world including:-

* United States of America    (USA)
* Canada
* France
* England
* Dubai
* China
* Japan
* Hong Kong
* Malaysia
* Singapore
* Thailand

and more ....

World's #1 Internet Marketing Coach*
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